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O safarnama – Khayaalon ka safarnama

shikayate tho bahut hai tujse ye zindagi…

How to – Kill process from Command Prompt

Open up an Administrative level Command Prompt and run tasklist  or netstat -ano | findstr :portNumber to see all of the running processes: C:\Users\Hussain>tasklist C:\Users\Hussain>netstat -ano | findstr :portNumber ( in this case port 3000) C:\Users\Hussain>Taskkill /PID /F Below is the screenshot… Continue Reading →

Apache Kafka – Introduction

Hi All, I am starting a series of tutorials / learning for Apache Kafka. I will try to cover all aspects of Apache Kafka. I will start with Basic concepts and move on to advance features. Be ready for lot… Continue Reading →

Find a specific column Name in all tables of a database – SQL Server

Below is the query for searching only tables. SELECT AS ‘ColumnName’ , AS ‘TableName’ FROM sys.columns c JOIN sys.tables t ON c.object_id = t.object_id WHERE LIKE ‘%columnName%’ ORDER BY TableName ,ColumnName; If you want to search both tables… Continue Reading →

Git – Update local branch with remote Develop

Follow the below steps: git checkout develop git pull git checkout <your-branch-name> git merge develop The above steps will merge the changes from develop into your branch and probably create a new commit, with a comment making it clear that it’s… Continue Reading →

How To – Sql Server DateTime and Conversion

Many times when working with date and times in select, where – the data doesn’t show up in the result window or is not in the format we are looking for. SQL server provides with some build in functions to… Continue Reading →

Part III – JQuery – Identifying if a page is loaded

For Part I please refer link Part II – please refer link One we have referenced / loaded  JQuery (as mentioned in Part II) either using a local copy or CDN, the next thing is to start using JQuery. the… Continue Reading →

Part II – Setting up JQuery

For Part I Please click following link Considering you have are already downloaded JQuery files (see note below) from JQuery website or you have Microsoft or Google CDN (Content Distribution Networks) link (more on this below in this post). The first… Continue Reading →

Part I – JQuery – What ? and Why to Use?

Introduction JQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries – in many ways it helps increase the productivity, minimize the code and most importantly help solving cross browser issues. Starting we would be learning all about JQuery. The below… Continue Reading →

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