DS & Algorithms Trees and Binary Trees

Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) using C# .NET Core — Binary Trees and Binary Search Tree (BST) Tree Traversal- II

Now that we have understood the basics of Tree & Binary Search Tree, the question is how we can read the data from each node, add a node, delete a node or search node (data) in a tree. To read data, we need to visit every node in the tree and this is called Tree Traversing. For […]

DS & Algorithms Trees and Binary Trees

Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) using C# .NET Core -Binary Trees and Binary Search Tree (BST)- I

Trees are one of the most common data structure used. A tree is a non-linear data structure that is used to store data in a hierarchical manner. In this article we will discuss about tree, then learn about binary tree along with an implementation of binary tree — the Binary Search Tree also knows as […]

How To Linux

How to – Remove Files and Directories Using Linux Command Line

In this tutorial, we will see how to use the rm, unlink, and rmdir commands to remove files and directories in Linus using Terminal (command line). Remove Files: To remove (or delete) a file on Linux using the command line, use either rm (remove) or unlink command. unlink command allows you to remove only a single file. rm command allows you to remove multiple files […]



Array are the simplest data structures, build into most programming languages and we use them to store list of items like list of numbers, string, objects and literally anything. These items get stored sequentially in memory. In many languages arrays are static – which means – when we allocate them we must specify their size […]

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka- Fundamentals

In the previous post, we learned what a messaging system is and the Role of Apache Kafka. In this post we will dive deep into Apache Kafka – We will learn Kafka cluster, brokers, topics, partitions, replicas, producers, consumers, consumer groups, Zookeeper, and how together make Kafka work. Most of Kafka revolves around Kafka Cluster, […]