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Find a specific column Name in all tables of a database – SQL Server

Below is the query for searching only tables. SELECT AS ‘ColumnName’ , AS ‘TableName’ FROM sys.columns c JOIN sys.tables t ON c.object_id = t.object_id WHERE LIKE ‘%columnName%’ ORDER BY TableName ,ColumnName; If you want to search both tables… Continue Reading →

How To – Sql Server DateTime and Conversion

Many times when working with date and times in select, where – the data doesn’t show up in the result window or is not in the format we are looking for. SQL server provides with some build in functions to… Continue Reading →

Stuff() function – Transact SQL

STUFF() Function – Transact SQL The STUFF function deletes a specified length of characters and inserts a designated string at the specified starting point. Important note: STUFF function has a limitation if 4000 characters. The syntax is as follows: STUFF… Continue Reading →

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