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Entity Framework – Introduction

What is Entity Framework? Definition (Microsoft): The Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework is an Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that enables developers to work with relational data as domain-specific objects, eliminating the need for most of the data access plumbing code that… Continue Reading →

Stuff() function – Transact SQL

STUFF() Function – Transact SQL The STUFF function deletes a specified length of characters and inserts a designated string at the specified starting point. Important note: STUFF function has a limitation if 4000 characters. The syntax is as follows: STUFF… Continue Reading →

Understanding String and String Builder class in C#

In this article, we will understand how to work with strings in C#, use string class in C# and finally used learn how to use the String Builder class in C#. In C# strings are created by enclosing a series… Continue Reading →

Understanding Singleton design pattern

Design Pattern – Singleton In this blog we discuss and learn about the easy design pattern of all the design patterns – the Singleton pattern. This article is an attempt to provide the new developers / readers with some basic… Continue Reading →

Setting up Raspberry Pi – NOOBS Setup ( using a Windows PC)

Getting up and close with Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third-generation Model B. It shares the same design as its predecessor Raspberry Pi 2. Its is different in terms of processor, it’s, speed and few more things.

Additional Items – for Setting up Your Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a bare bone computer with just a Motherboard and few connectors like the USB ports, HDMI port, Ethernet connector etc. You would still need a Micro SD card, a Keyboard, a Mouse and a Monitor to get the Raspberry Pi up and running.

Know your Raspberry Pi

In this article we would discuss the anatomy of Raspberry Pi. Below is picture of Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi – It’s not a fruit.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer (size of a credit card) designed and developed in the UK. This tiny computer enables everyone (big or small) to learn physical computing, explore basic electronics and learn how to program (programming).

Internet of Things (IOT) – III Tiny Computers (The Raspberry Pi and the Arduino)

This is part III the IOT series. Click here for Part I  and click here for Part II of the IOT Series. Raspberry Pi – The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer (size of a credit card) designed and developed in the UK…. Continue Reading →

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